Fresh News = Fresh Coffee

A lot of people have a morning ritual: reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. Y&R Dubai reacted smart, coming up with a coffee chain cup sleeve that is printed with the hour’s top headline.


Y&R recognized that reading the newspaper often goes hand in hand with drinking coffee. Ánd they were searching for an innovative way to advertise. Y&R was hired by Gulf News to help it gain subscribers and increase web traffic. The agency tapped global coffee chain Tim Hortons and adapted the company’s coffee cup sleeve into an advertising medium. The resulting “Headline News Cup Sleeve” is now printed using a special printer at the Tim Hortons point of sale that pulls tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account. Accordingly, every cup sold in the UAE now bears the newspaper’s current top headline on the coffee sleeve it comes with, with updates made every hour. Also included on the sleeve are a short URL and QR code directing customers to the Gulf News website for the full story. The video below explains the campaign in further detail:

There is a lot of discussion about the future of the news: Is the news going to be published digitally? Is print going to disappear? When? How? What? By creating this cup sleeve they made reading the news more attractive, and gave the coffee company a unique selling point.

Close to 3,000 new Gulf News Twitter followers signed up within the first two weeks of the campaign’s launch, and traffic on the Gulf News website grew by 41 percent, Y&R says. Subscriptions, meanwhile, are up by 2.8 percent so far. One for inspiration!



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