Bring your gadget back to life with a chewing gum

I can get really frustrated, if the battery of my favourite gadget runs unexpectedly down outdoors. A designer has presented an interesting Chewing Gum Battery concept, a solar-powered machine, dispensing paper RFID batteries of different voltages for quick charges. Once used, these RFID paper batteries can be thrown into the accompanying recycling bin.


What it is

This Chewing Gum Battery concept was conceived where the battery is shaped as thin and flat as a chewing gum, just minus the sugary goodness and edible nature. As pictured in the rendering above, the Chewing Gum Battery can be slapped onto the back of our gadgets, thus giving them the extra boost in battery life. They will be sold at solar-powered dispensing stations and will come like chewing gums do, in a pack.

Why it’s Cool

It is a simple and innovative idea where paper battery is kept charged at a solar empowered dispensing station, and can be easily used for gadgets whose battery dies out unexpectedly. Battery packs for smartphones tend to add unnecessary bulk to the device, making it thicker and heavier than it already is. Mobile chargers too can be quite bulky and heavy and do not always fit into your pocket, thus requiring you to bring a bag wherever you go.

It looks and sounds like an interesting and promising concept, but you have to wonder, if it’s even possible to make batteries this thin. One company already has developed Li-Po batteries as slim as 0.5mm so it might not be that far-fetched. The Chewing Gum Battery Concept was designed by Ping-Yi Li and is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.



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