Bringing video games beyond the TV

The gaming world is expanding tremendously and the number of games and gamers are growing exponentially over the pasty few years. Experience is the main aim but what’s next? IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept from Microsoft Research that aims to bring gaming out of your TV and into your personal space.



What it is

Using a Kinect for Windows camera and a projector, IllumiRoom is able to bring certain elements of individual games into your living room. The camera scans your personal space to capture the dimensions and geometry involved, which the projector then utilizes for displaying images. These range from a direct extension of the playing area, to the appearance of particular effects such as snowflakes or sparks.

Why it’s Cool

IllumiRoom brings the visuals of video games out beyond the boundaries of the television. It brings you INTO the video world, it reminds me of the augmented reality technology: putting a virtual layar at your surroundings. This dimension gives you more experience, if you don’t like gaming, imagine this concept added to your movies. Again a video where you see the concept explained clearly.


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