Mind controlled copter

Always wanted to have Jedi superpowers? Use the Puzzlebox Orbit, a $190 brainwave-controlled helicopter. A battery-powered NeuroSky MindWave EEG headset beams your thoughts via Bluetooth to an infrared adapter that hooks up to the audio port on Apple or Android devices. Software then translates your brainwaves into signals that command the chopper to start spinning its blades.


The chopper only flies when you’re actively concentrating on something, like saying the alphabet backward or naming all the streets in your neighborhood. Through an app, you can set the level of difficulty so that you can choose how much brain muscle needs flexing for liftoff.

I think it’s hard to keep it in flight for a bit, when something distracts you,the whole is going down. That’s why the blades are protected by a circular cage.

The downsides: you can’t change the direction of flight once the chopper takes off, and it takes a while for the headset to factor out ambient noise. BUT, it is a start, imagine what you should fly in the livingroom. I believe my old Mathilda dream will be coming true!

mg_6603_edit Puzzlebox-Orbit-Helicopter


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