Innovega combines glasses and contact lenses for an unusual take on augmented reality

Again Augmented Reality! And also contact lenses of the future. Now combined as an inspirational concept, competing with the Google Project Glass.

The Innovega iOptik system is more than a pair of glasses. Half the system, is a pair of the large, slightly goofy frames. But the core of iOptik is a pair of contact lenses embedded with tiny optical components and a filter. On their own, these behave just like ordinary contacts, and they’ll incorporate users’ prescriptions when necessary. But add the glasses, and you’ve got a heads-up display that promises a far wider field of vision than you’d get from a competitor like Vuzix.


The first version of Innovega’s glasses are designed for military use, but it’s planning a consumer version by 2014 or 2015. For now, it uses hard lenses, but the consumer version is set to use soft ones.

The iOptik glasses and lenses aren’t a self-contained platform like Glass or Vuzix glasses. Instead, the company plans to partner with more consumer-facing brands that can help bring it to market. For now, prototypes are shipping for military testing, the Pentagon placed an order earlier this year.

Explanation video


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