Artist uses Nikes or human faces for creating music

Tokyo-based artist Daito Manabe has found a way to turn the human face into a musical instrument.


How did he come to this? He was wondering about the nature of smiling. But actually he was creating a visualizer to capture facial movements. In one particular experiment, they copied one face to 2 other friends.

He was curious about things like whether you can smile without emotion. He used sensors and built things to answer questions like these.

By using a system that links a person’s face to electric sensors, music can be created through facial movements, which serve as a controller to trigger sounds.

Electrical stimulation can also be used to create involuntary twitches on the human face to match the beat of the music.

Watch this interesting video for more information about the technique en thoughts of the artist. Daito Manabe is a Japanese Genius with a huge G.

Daito Manabe also made a Nike music shoe. DJs used Nike shoes for creating music in an advertisment. Maybe this is more interesting for first testing this thing out instead of using your face.


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