Leave your (bench)mark

Thermochromic furniture shows off where you’ve been sitting. Remember those mood rings, that changed color according to your body temperature? Or how about Hypercolor T-shirts? Well, now you can get a solid oak table and two-bench set that works along the same lines.


How it works

Both the table and the benches are coated in a thermochromic finish – this means that it changes color when heated, just like the shirts and rings. In this particular case, the finish changes from black to clear, allowing the wood grain below to show through when exposed to body heat. This results in nice woody images of the user’s butt, forearms, palms, or whatever other body parts they choose to press against the finish. Once the surface cools down, it returns to its usual black state – although other colors are available by request.


Why it’s Cool

Warm things like coffee mugs also cause the coating to change color, mimicking the unwanted rings left on conventional tables when people don’t use coasters. This was actually part of Watson’s inspiration for the set, as he states that it’s a comment on how ‘precious’ we can become about the functionality of furniture, or oblivious to our impact on our surroundings.

Prices starting at £450 ($731).


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