That website smells

Do you ever miss being able to smell books in your e-reader? The scent of a new leather jacket in an online shop? The woods in a travel picture? Or perhaps you just couldn’t find the words in an email to describe the delicious scent of your freshly baked goods?

DigiScents thought a lot of consumers in 2001 were encountering this gap in the day’s technology. The idea of adding smell to the way we communicate online unfortunately was not successful. Failing to surpass the prototype stage, the iSmell, didn’t succeed.

New companies are continuing this idea in new forms, as well as trying to transfer it to other mediums. Meet Olly: the web connected smelly robot.


How it works:

1 Link Twitter, Facebook, or any online account to your Olly.
2 Anytime you get a mention or notification, Olly will gently release a scent into the air around you.
3 Customise Olly with any scent you like.

Essential oils or your partners perfume, it’s really easy to add different smells to Olly.

customize-olly link-olly

What do you think? Can this technology be successfully introduced in the future? Perhaps by 2020 we can smell what that chef is cooking on TV.


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