I need a brilliant business card

1,5 years to go, and i’m graduated. It looks like a long time ahead, but I know it will be there soon. I’m thinking a lot about what to do next.
Continue studying (no, need to recharge myself)
Start working (yes, making big business steps)

But where? How? Will I go freelancing, finding a job, will it be a good company? Will I still be trendwatching? Don’t know quite yet, I see a lot of inspiring ideas on the web and I’m collecting these at my pinterest board. This is how inspiring my future business should be.

Today I found these really interesting business cards, they’re heat-sensitive. (Just like this couch.)  I really like the idea of putting a little bit technology in such a small card.

1Printed with thermo-sensitive ink, the business card allows those who receive it to literally leave their marks on it—and turn it into a constantly changing Polaroid picture.
When heat is applied to the black varnished surface of the card, it loses color and patterns are temporarily created on it.
This interactive business card will leave an impression by allowing people to have fun with it, using their fingers, lips and basically anything warm.

6 7 8


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