Robotalk: your new desktop friend.

Robotalk is a new Japanese robot developed by the Okamura Corporation, which was designed as a friend with functions that you can control with your voice.

You may think: yeah, yeah, what’s new? I already know Nabaztag and that kind of stuff. But listen first to the possibilities.


Robotalk Desktop Robot Assistant

  • Greeting: Robotalk greets you if its camera or proximity sensors detect movement (the greeting can be anything you want, just set it up in advance).
  • Online search:answers questions such as “what’s new?” and “what time is it now?” by querying the internet.
  • Scheduled alerts: mark important dates and times using Google Calendar, and Robotalk will dutifully remind you of them.
  • News: Robotalk will read the news for you (you can set your favorite RSS feeds, regional weather, etc.), and if you specify a topic it will focus on that (e.g. sports).
  • Photo and voice messaging: you can email photos taken with Robotalk’s camera, and record 15-second personal messages or reminders.
  • Chat: cures boredom with thousands of anecdotes, bits of trivia, news, and quizzes.
  • Survey: set up to 10 questions and possible answers (or allow free-form answers that are recorded). The data is saved to an external USB drive and/or sent to an email address. Okamura suggests this feature could be used to conduct market research.
  • Presentation: Robotalk gives a verbal presentation in your place (useful for marketing or product demonstrations).
  • Music player: play MP3s and other audio formats from an external USB drive. It has the usual playback features including repeat, skip, and shuffle.
  • Games: play Shiritori (a Japanese word game), get your daily horoscope, guessing game, Genius Quiz (based on a popular TV show with a variety of topics).

Cool, right? Robotalk is available in Japan from Okamura for ¥472,500 (3.852 euro). Still stays a cool wannahave…




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