Testimonials through digital 3D representation

What it Is:

Researchers are now working on the creation of life-size 3D holograms that can answer viewer questions through Siri-like voice-recognition technology. The full-body hologram of a speaker, is a high-tech initiative to record survivors’ first-person accounts for interactive 3D exhibits that live on long after the storytellers have passed.


Why it is Cool:

According to the data from the San Francisco’s Tauber Holocaust Library, 6 to 10 percent of Holocaust survivors die every year; 500,000 Holocaust survivors remain worldwide; their average age is 79. Therefore aging Holocaust survivor population decreases progressively and one of the issues attended in this connection is history preservation. Young people aren’t always able to value our history, this way you could be more involved in the interesting stories of the Holocaust Survivors.


Why it has Future Growth Potential:

This technology is going to be far more engaging than if they’re just up there on a video screen. Of course even the most advanced technology can’t substitute the experience of hearing a survivor’s story in person, but in future in-person testimonials can become a sound alternative at schools and museums.

Watch a demonstration video here.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57568301-1/holograms-of-holocaust-survivors-let-crucial-stories-live-on/


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