Seeing is touching

What it Is:

The tactile sensation experience, such as a slight increase in heat, cold or wind for example, is achieved by the visual stimulation: by displaying a burning orb with the help of a pair of transparent virtual reality glasses, users feel a slight increase in warmth when they put they hands underneath it, simulating holding it.


Watch an introduction video here.

Why it is Cool:

In future this technology might change the entertainment industry and we’ll experience entertainment, games and online content in a completely unusual way.

Sensibility is one of the most vital aspects of being human. That is why this discovery of tactile sensation might be one of the most important discoveries in the gaming industry

What is it used for: Applications in the entertainment industry, improving your communication, training, education, actually it is a new form of media for producing visual content to induce tactile illusion.


Why it has Future Growth Potential:

Imagine the combination of this prototype and a virtual reality brill like google glass. I could write a whole new post about the possibilities. This prototype adds a whole new dimension to the experience of virtual reality, this could open a new world for you and me.


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