CruxLight makes reading on the internet easy and intelligent

What it Is:

CruxLight simplifies this process of searching the internet by automatically summarizing the article and highlighting summary on page. It also gives you the important keywords around which the whole article revolves.

CruxBot engine powers Cruxlight which uses algorithms to remove the unwanted information thus giving the user the exact information being searched and desired by the user.



The features:

Get highlighted summary: Get crux of content highlighted. When you open a webpage, summary will be highlighted automatically.

Focus words: It gives you the important keywords around which the whole article revolves. You can select a particular keyword and view the summary from that point-of-view.

Share summary with friends: Knowledge sharing is important. Came across an interesting article? Share summaries with your friends.

Read later: Save summaries to popular cloud services to read later.

Last but not least: Customization

CruxLight provides you with a number of customization options. Don’t want CruxLight to work on a particular website? Add it toyour personal blacklist. You can even change theme for reading interface.

Why it is Cool:



You can choose the size of the summary, view short, medium or original. The keywords are on the right side and clicking on any of them brings up a screen with all the keywords and location in the article. You can also see, down at the bottom of the screen, an option to save to Pocket or Evernote. Nice for saving for future reference. What I like most is the ‘Time Saved’ option, it illustrates the potential time savings by using the extension.

However, even if you aren’t looking to save time on your reading, it can be a good research tool. Researching a topic and find a bunch of articles that look promising? View them in Cruxlight and check the summary and keywords. Those should let you know which ones are worth reading further or saving for later.

Why it has Future Growth Potential:

“Information overload.” In the Internet age, it’s a term that most people are all too familiar with, as daily emails, articles and websites bombard our screens.

With this tool we can improve our research and reading skills, in this stress society this is very promising because of the time saving feature. The idea is so simple but the technique behind it is brilliant.

I installed the demo of Cruxlight and during the search for more information, the websites I visited were all marked/ and for me it worked very well. Maybe I missed some information, but I got the most important things for this blogpost. And one thing I know for sure: I wrote this article way faster as usual, so: or I’m improving my writing skills, or this application is definitely working for me.




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