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Here in Holland there has always been a wish to go for a 2nd bid for a possible Summer Olympics in Holland. And after 79 years it’s about to get time. We already tried to do a bid for the 1992 Olympics -back in 1984- but we failed miserably. It was our own mistake. Two cities in Holland, Rotterdam and Amsterdam were literally fighting for the Games. And the bid book wasn’t very much supported by the Dutch government.

We learned from this big mistake. And in 2006 the Dutch governemnt and the Dutch Olympic Commitee (NOC) said: “We should try it again…………but when time comes!”. Holland is already a big sports nation within an extremely small country. During the Summer Games in Athens 2004, Holland gained a massive total of 21 medals, of which 5 of them were gold. The Summer Games of 2000 in Sydney were even more succesfull for Holland: 25 medals of which 9 were gold…..thus resulting in a 8th place on the medal table. These results and the fact that there is a new ‘Olympic Spirit’ within the NOC and the government were the initiators of the Olympisch Plan 2028. The tagline is ‘OP’2028: A dream in 3 parts’. It is a plan to make from Holland an ultimate sports nation. Not only for future Olympics, but for ALL Dutch fanatic sportsmen and sportswomen:
Fase 1: Research (2006-2008)
Extensive research to the feasability and public support of the Olympic Plan. To achieve/bring about cooperations and to realize means for the necessary investments. The finish of this first fase is an activities plan with eight common themes: development of sports; events- and accommodation policy; investments; trends; environmental planning; formation conceptualization and communication; social development; sports-, leisure- and entertainment concepts. At the end of this fase -the end of 2008- The Dutch Olympic Comittee and the Dutch government will decide if they want to organize a future Olympic Summergames.

Fase 2: Construction (2008-2016)
As the Olympic Plan 2028 is also a general report with future advice and ideas on how to improve sports in general and sports infrastructure in The Netherlands, the freshly typed plan will result in feasible projects to make Holland indeed an incredible large sports nation within a very small country. You could think on talent-eductional programs; investments to further improve the position of sports unions and sports committees; the construction or refurbishment of accommodations; and the organization of international sport events (World Championship Soccer 2018). At this stage sport should be strongly embedded in Dutch society: from younger to older people. As of 2016, The Netherlands will then have an infrastructure on an Olympic Level. And at the end of 2016 Holland officially decide if it wants to do a bid for the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympics.

Fase 3: The Bid Procedure (2016-2021)
The Netherlands officially place a bid for either the 2024 or the 2028 Summer Olympics. The necessary arrangements are being made and the NOC nominates their candidate city, most likely Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The, NOC pays the necessary admission fee to the IOC. Hopefully the Games will be awarded to Holland in 2017 (for the 2024 Summer Games). If not, the Dutch NOC will again do a 2nd bid in 2021 (for the 2028 Summer Olympics. The Dutch Olympic Committee has already stated that they would like to organize the 2028 Games, because this will be the centennial celebration of the first Summer Olympics in Amsterdam in 1928. And if we already get the games in 2024? Well, that’s okay too.

Right now, The Netherlands think Denmark and their city Copenhagen will be the most important future competitor for a bid!
Watch a movie about the olympics in Holland. (Dutch)

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